Payment Security


 We take your online privacy very seriously and as such wish to reassure you that any payment details that you provide on this website are both transmitted to us and handled by us securely.  To achieve this we take the following steps with every transaction:


SSL 128 Bit Encryption

The page where we ask for your card details is secured by a 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate which is confirmed by your browser in the form of a padlock appearing in your address bar as shown below.

Browser Address Bar Showing the SSL Padlock

This SSL technology will encrypt (scramble) your card details before sending them across the web to our web site where they are decrypted (unscrambled) for processing.  The encryption process means that no third parties can intercept your card details on their way to our website.


Payment Processing

Once we receive your card details we use a secure terminal to process your payment.  This is performed in house to ensure that card details never leave our premises.  As soon as your order is received and the payment successfully processed your card details are permanently deleted so that even we cannot recover them.


If you would like to know more about how we keep card details safe please call us on 0845 2574657 or email us at